Top-Notch Quality with Grant Sous Vide Water Bath

Top-Notch Quality with Grant Sous Vide Water Bath

Sous vide cooking has become highly popular among professional and amateur chefs. They are taking advantage of its various benefits and using that to experiment with innovative dishes.

As sous vide cooking requires comparatively low-temperature levels, cooking at exactly the correct temperature range for the exact length of time is critical in achieving perfect results,both in terms of food safety,along with flavor and consistency.

This is the point where the Grant sous baths come in. Grant has used its immense experience in precision temperature control to build an amazing range of sous vide equipment that is designed to serve the requirements of chefs using sous vide cooking techniques.

The Expert range of sous vide baths from Grant are among the first choices for professional chefs who want to create consistent dishes with high quality.

Precision in temperature control along with reliability form the heart of the Expert range. Of equal importance are the economic footprint and simple controls, making these cooking baths an indispensable item in the kitchen.

The Expert versions features increased stability, temperature presets membrane control pad, and countdown buzzer, along with drain taps for easy emptying.


The Grant Sous Vide Water Bath SVE26 is designed to ensure perfection and stability. All sous vide products manufactured by Grant are accurate to the fraction of a degree, which means you can come up withconsistent and high quality sous vide dishes every single time.

  • Dimensions are 25 x 13.2 x 11 inches
  • Weight of the item is 21 pounds
  • LED display
  • Stainless steel tank and outer case
  • Lid and tray included as standard
  • Heater mat and temperature sensor mounted below the tank
  • Countdown timer with audible buzzer
  • Drain tap
  • Three programmable temperature presets
  • Membrane control pad
  • It has a tank capacity of 26 liters


  • The drain tap allows for easy draining
  • The lid and insulation reduces evaporation and improves energy efficiency
  • The control panel is situated on end for better usage of space
  • It has simple operational controls and is easy to clean
  • The stainless-steel tank and outer case is robust and durable and is designed for kitchen environments
  • Heater mat and temperature sensor optimizes both temperature uniformity and workspace
  • The large LED display is easy to read and monitor
  • The three programmable temperature presets allow for rapid selection of commonly used temperature ranges
  • The membrane control pad is flush-fitting and easy to keep clean


  • Thin steel top cover leads to significant heat loss
  • Heat loss occurs through the sides as well
  • The lower temperatures noted on the water bath might be inaccurate


This Sous Vide Water Bath from Grant is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. All the features are easy to understand and user-friendly. The product is manufactured in the United Kingdom and holds to the highest standards.

With over 60 years of experience in precision temperature control technology, Grant ensures that their products will deliver maximum satisfaction. With accuracy to within a fraction of a degree, all sous vide products in the Grant range ensure the delivery of high quality and consistent sous vide dishes every time.

A safety cut-out feature ensures the safety of the workplace and that the bath itself remains undamaged. After filling the bath with sufficient water and re-setting the cut-out, work can again be carried out safely.


The contemporary and simple design of the Grant Sous Vide Water Bath SVE26 easily fits into any kitchen. It combines clean lines along with an economical footprint, and offers an optimum and unobstructed working space.

The design of Grant sous vide bath is such that the temperature sensor and heater are positioned below the inner tank. Consistency, accuracy and temperature control are ensured by a digital control system, while convection provides efficient liquid mixing. The removable lid helps maintain the bath’s temperature, and minimizes evaporation.

The setting up of the Grant sous vide bath is very quick and easy. The large illuminated digital display iseasily visible and gives instant confirmation of the set temperature at any point of time.

Grant has been manufacturing temperature-controlled water baths for more than 60 years, with thousands in operation all across the world. They are long lived and give you excellent value for  your money; Grant baths are famed for their high-quality build,robust design,unsurpassed technical support, and reliable operation.

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