Sous Vide Supreme: For the Chef Inside You

Sous Vide Supreme: For the Chef Inside You

What kind of chef wouldn’t want to serve unimaginable tasty as well as easily made food? Except you can, the Supreme Sous Vide water oven fits exactly the needs of professional chefs and homemakers alike, giving you the tastiest food output you can ever get from any other method of cooking.

Designed to save time as well as give precision down to 0.5° Celsius, the Sous Vide Supreme will be a partner in your kitchen for years to come.

It is time to make your kitchens smarter. It is time to get rid of pots and pans and messy old utensils without losing the utility of the same. This is what the Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven promises to do, and delivers on it as well.

Never again will you overcook a single dish; never will you lose the nutrients in your food; and never again will you destroy the flavor of your food by imperfect cooking. It is the perfect tool for huge and busy kitchens, with the ability to output 24 food portions at a single time. And all you need to do to put it to work is to press the buttons and walk away.


The Sous Vide Supreme Professional Water Oven is nothing short of a beast. With an 11-liter inner tank capacity, you are looking at a device that lets you handle huge amounts of food at a single time—20 to 24 four- to six-ounceportions of food to be exact.

The interaction method with the machine is simple, comprehensive and efficient. You have a huge LED screen notifying you of the status of your food at all times. The simple selection, start, stop, temperature, and time setting controls are sure to cut wasted time out of your already tight schedule. You can even choose to input temperatures either in Centigrade or in Fahrenheit, whatever you are comfortable with.

The whole device has a German quality engineered finish to it. It is a huge tank made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. You would expect “a tank” to be as boring as some industrialized machinery, but the design is goodlooking and compact; however, the machine is still bulky to lift and handle.


  • Make many portions of food at the same time
  • Never overcooks your food
  • Retains all the nutrients inside your food
  • Gives only the best food output, gourmet taste, as well as great color and texture
  • The device is very energy efficient
  • The lid holds steam to prevent water evaporation and monitor the water bath level
  • The device is very simple to use
  • Efficiently uses heat by employing a patent-pending PID-controlled heat element
  • Easy clean up after completing your work
  • UL and NSF licensed for business use up to 30,000 cycles


  • Comparatively bulky
  • Price is a little high


First off, quality wise, you will never ever regret buying this product. This product is big enough to use in a restaurant, while not big enough to keep it out of your home kitchen. It gives a much better cooking output than most other “off-the-shelves” products you will find in some stores.

The product boasts of its high quality; if you are a restaurant owner willing to invest in a water oven, you may close your eyes and purchase this product.

The thing that will make you pause is the heavy price tag on this product. While the Sous Vide Water Oven might be a perfect fit for your home kitchen, the price tag certainly is not, and unless your home kitchen shows a lot more activity than the average, you are better off buying a less expensive product while compromising a little on the quality.


This product shouldn’t be second guessed about by restaurant owners and professional chefs as you would not want to compromise the quality of the dishes you serve by saving a couple of dollars. There might be other brand names available, but none quite as brilliant and efficient as the Sous Vide Supreme.

However, if you want a water oven for home use only, you are better off going for a less expensive, “more for less money” option. The Ivation Sous Vide cooker and Gourmia Sous Vide ovens will provide enough functionality for at least six times less the price. However, if you don’t mind the price tag, go ahead, by all means.


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