Sous Vide Comparison

Sous Vide Comparison

A Sous vide machine allows you to cook food at low temperatures. The advantage is that the food cooks slowly which the food to be uniformly cooked. You only need to put your food in the polythene bags and immerse it into another container that has been filled with water. Since there are many brands of Sous vide cookers, we will compare two of the best in this article so that buyers can make an informed decision when shopping.

Anova Culinary Immersion Circulator

The Anova Culinary Immersion Circulator features a perfect workmanship that can hardly be disputed.The good thing about this Sous vide machine is that it gives you the freedom to use any size of a pot or container. This is because a cooking pot is not included in the package.

It’s actually designed to be mounted on top of any size of a container that has the capacity of holding up to 5 gallons of water. And just like its name suggests, it keeps the temperature in check to avoid any instances of overcooking.

It actually comes with mounting gear so that you can fix it stress free.With this Sous vide machine, you just set the temperature that you want and forget because it can’t exceed the specified temperature parameters.

The Anova circulator has a wand shape design and is very light in weight which makes it easy to carry when you are going out of town.

It also features a compact design that makes it utilize the little space that’s available in your kitchen.The machine comes with a touch display pad that is used for adjusting the temperature and the time that the food should cook.

The adjustments are activated by long pressing the value that you want. In fact, you can configure the temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.The other advantage is that the Sous vide machine comes with blue tooth feature that allows you to regulate temperature when you are away from the kitchen.

You can actually check the temperature when you are in the living room or bedroom without any difficulty because it’s the app can be supported by any device that runs on Android or iOS.

Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven

With Sous Vide Supreme Demi Water Oven, your cooking efforts will never be in vain. All your meals will always taste the way you want them, depending on the flavors you have added.

This is because the vacuum bags help in retaining in all the nutrients and the flavors without resulting in overcooked food.  For a start, the Sous Vide machine comes with an in-built container that has the capacity of holding 8 gallons of water.

You can therefore spare your cooking pots for other uses. The big capacity container enables you to prepare enough food for several people.

As a matter of fact, the Sous machine is fitted with racks that are reserved for cooking different kinds of food.You can actually cook beef, pork, vegetables and chicken at a go. Besides that, the machine comes with a sleek design which means you don’t have to create extra space for it in your kitchen.

Moving it around is also pretty simple because it only weighs 12.1 pounds.The Sous Vide Machine is fitted with temperature control features that allow you to either increase or reduce the temperature.

The machine is indeed very smart because it can never cook beyond the time that you have set. If you want your food to cook for two hours, it will stop exactly after your specified time has ended.

With this Sous Vide machine, the food doesn’t require your attention. In fact, there is no stirring involved. You can therefore be certain that you can prepare delicious meals even if you have never had any formal training on food production.The good thing about this Sous Vide machine is that any user can operate it without experiencing difficulty.

All you have to do is prepare what you want to cook and add your favorite spices such as pepper and salt. Once you have added all the ingredients, you should pack the contents into the vacuum bags and place them into a water bath and press the power button.Moreover, the machine is very easy to clean.

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