Buy a Sous-Vide Machine for Help with Your French Cooking

Buy a Sous-Vide Machine for Help with Your French Cooking

Cooking gourmet French food with French techniques can be tricky. However, these days, you can get all the info you need on the Internet and buy any kind of machine you need. Consequently, it has now become a bit easier to create authentic dishes.

One of the techniques that all top-notch French restaurants use to get the best results is sousvide. As the awareness of French cuisine has increased, sousvide equipment is now available all over the world.

What Is It?

The French words sousvide translate into English as “under-vacuum.”The method involves cooking food by vacuum-sealing it in a plastic bag. The sealed food is placed inside a temperature-regulated system for much longer time than what is usually required for cooking food. Through this method:

  • The inside and outside of the food is evenly cooked
  • The overall flavor is enhanced compared to normal ways of cooking
  • The aroma of the food is retained
  • The packing inside the plastic pouch allows the moisture and the juices to be retained

Which machine to buy?

There are a few brands on the market like Sansaire, Anova,Tribest and Gourmet that sell machines for implementing this technique.

However, the Anova sous vide machine has received many commendations by various reviewers. It was also named the best sous vide machine 2016on the Internet.

Features of theAnova Precision Cooker, WIFI 2nd Gen, 900 Watts

The Anova Precision Cooker is perfect for home cooks. Here are the best-inbuilt features

  • Available in 2 variants of 800 watts and 900 watts
  • Connect the machine to your smartphone to monitor and control
  • Smart LED display that can be programmed for either Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Very small variance in temperature measurement range
  • Polycarbonate sheath for the electronics part

Why buy the Anova sous vide immersion circulator?

The equipment is portable and fitsin any pot; therefore, there is no need for any extra tools. It is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device, so you can control everything, even if you are not around. The pricing of both variants is in the affordable range.


Even if you use the best sous vide immersion circulator in a standard pot, your cooking will be affected by heat loss and evaporation. Also, the functionality of the app is limited, and the Bluetooth feature might not add much to the overall performance.

What other kinds of  sousvide machines can you buy?

The complete version of the equipment used for sousvide cooking are the temperature controlled water baths, or water ovens. They are larger, and the price for such equipment is more, but they are more efficient. No water evaporation takes place in these, as they act like ovens with water as a heat conductor.

You can buy a temperature-controlled water bath just by searching for sous vide machines on Amazon.They come with digital displays. Water baths are very convenient to use, and the cleaning is also especially easy. They are available in different brands and different capacities.

Sealing the food

While cooking sousvide recipes, you are called upon to vacuum seal the food. If you do not use sousvide regularly, you might want to avoid buying one of these machines for your kitchen. You can use zip-lock bags and remove air from it by the water displacement method. But for better results, vacuum sealers are required.

By vacuum-sealing the food before cooking, you can get a superior end product and better moisture retention. Sealing also prevents oxidation and keeps food fresh for longer. It is recommended that you buy a good sous vide vacuum sealer so that you can get the finest performance out of your machine.

What to look for

Look at the minimum and maximum temperatures and the stability that the company guarantees. For instance, the Sansairesous vide immersion circulator comes with a maximum 0.1 degree error.  Also, there should be inbuilt safety measures from power disturbances and over-heating.

The new-age sousvide equipment comes with Wi-Fi capability and a brand-specific app that can be downloaded on any smartphone. This is not exactly a necessity, but check out the utility of the app before buying.

Use online resources

All the major sous-vide machine manufacturers have put up websites to help customers. Hence, you can get all the information about sousvide cooking and the equipment’s operation online. Also, the apps come with many free recipes that can inspire you.

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